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Preparation Tips before a Brazilian Wax

How to prepare for a Brazilian Wax

Both Mentally and Physically

As a licensed Esthetician I feel very confident in knowing these tips will help a girly out there in need!Before my career I had only had a Brazilian once and I HATED it.. I also didn't know everything I know now.

Heres Tips you should know to prep before a Brazilian Wax:

Tip #1 - After Your Menstrual

A LOT of woman don't know but the worst time to get a wax is before or during your menstrual!

You are your most Sensitive during your PMS stage and during your cycle. Make sure to book before or after those times!

Tip #2 - Licensed PROFESSIONALS Only

Common sense hasn't been that common lately so I'm here to be your big sis and tell you professionals only please! these are sensitive areas I want the best for me and you.

Your experience will be much more smooth, fast, and efficient!

"Waxing is Not a Luxury but a Necessity." –

Tip #3 - 3 week rule

Allow your hair to grow for at least 3 weeks! this will allow 90-95% of your hair to be removed all at once. If the hairs are too short or still in the stubble phase the wax wont be able to grab it.

It is natural as a new wax girly that the wax may not be as smooth or perfect, being used to the razor the hair growth will take at least 4 waxes to grow simultaneously

Tip #4 - Trim if necessary

Too long is a thing! Trim is you feel like you can braid your hair! LOL.. seriously though this will avoid wax grabbing hair in other areas!


Don't be scared to ask questions! What kind of Wax are we using today? How long is your Brazilian session?

Enjoy Your Fresh Brazilian

It gets better. Follow these tips for a smooth experience. Trust me when I say after 4 consistent visits your in and out in 10 min! Book with me: Click Here

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